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Origins, culture and tradition

Our history

The Batllia, recognized as a sub-county of La Cerdanya, has origins that date back to the ancient pagus of Talló, from the ninth century.

Strategically located on the border between the counties of Cerdanya and Urgell, the main center of Bellver de Cerdanya was, in its beginnings, a castle of surveillance of the important communications that passed through the area.

The development like Villa began in 1225, thanks to the letter of population that was granted to him by Jaime I, that made pass the real way that went from the Seu of Urgell to Puigcerdà by the core of Bellver. Towers and ramparts were built, and their inhabitants had privileges that extended later monarchs.

Given its position near the border with France, Bellver suffered the constant attack of the French troops for centuries and became often occupied between the 15th and 18th centuries.

But these were not the only conflicts that the villa suffered. The banditry and the confrontation between the Nyerros and Cadells that divided the Catalan nobility during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - had the population's main scene, where the tower of Cadell is still preserved, an old fortified farmhouse. The old castle was destroyed with the explosion of the powder in 1665.

In the nineteenth century, the romantic Castilian poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer spent a few months staying at a inn in Bellver, where he was inspired by local landscapes and legends to write La cruz del diablo.

The Civil War had an episode that is part of the collective memory of Bellver, when some of the people killed an anarchist leader in 1937 firing from a high point of the municipality.

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